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6 Korean Movies With Historical Themes Insert Uncensored Sex Scenes

Korean Movies With Historical Themes Insert Uncensored Sex Scenes
Korean Movies With Historical Themes Insert Uncensored Sex Scenes

PeluangSukses.Com Movies with historical themes from South Korea with adult scenes inserted, may not be noticed by fans. In fact, South Korean adult films don't always prioritize sex scenes in terms of plot. The quality of the story is also quite good and there are many intimate and sensual scenes.

Indeed, thrilling stories, historical films and dramas, also known as Saeguk, showcase the uniqueness and beauty of traditional Korean culture. Stories about film has a unique perspective. From scandalous incidents to unrequited love. Several top South Korean actors also played in this Korean adult film.

Read more Korean adult films with historical themes and lots of sensual scenes.

 1. Untold Scandal  ( released - 2003)

Untold Scandal is also a famous Korean historical drama with its adult theme. I'm going to talk about Mrs Cho's bet with Joe Won to seduce an innocent girl named SoOk. 

Based on story, it turns out that there is a trap waiting for JoWon in the future. There are many erotic scenes in Korean adult films with scandalous themes.

Apparently, this film is not only popular in South Korea. Starring the legendary actor Haryu Bae Yong Joon as well as actresses Lee Mi Sook and Lee So Yeon, this film has captured the attention of audiences around the world.

2. Forbidden Quest (released - 2006)

The film "Forbidden Quest" is a story about a Joseon Dynasty poet who wrote an erotic novel. He ends up falling in love with the king's favorite concubine, which causes complicated problems.

With a solid plot, this film is decorated with sensual scenes and uncensored openings. Even more interesting is the film starring famous Korean names such as Han Suk Kyu and Kim Min Jung.

3. A Frozen Flower (released - 2008)

Song Ji Hyo, who is currently known for the reality program "Running Man", appeared in the erotic film "A Frozen Flower Shop", a Korean historical drama.

This film tells the love triangle between the King of the Joseon era, his credible bodyguard, and the queen he just married. Scandals between the three continue to occur unexpectedly.

Celebrities don't just play Song Ji Hyo in this Korean adult film. For example, Jihyo did a lot of erotic scenes with Jo In Sung. Again, he had to open up.

4. Portrait of A Beauty ( released - 2008)

The next adult film of the Korean historical drama is titled "Portrait of a Beauty". This film tells the story of Yun Jung, a woman who disguises herself as a man to become a painter at the will of her father.

While at school, he meets a mirror salesman named Kanmu and falls in love with him. Lots of erotic scenes that tell the story of the struggle between the two for love and unity.

5. The Servants (released - 2010) 

Another film inspired by the story is a love story between a commoner and a king, such as Chunhyangjeon. The difference is, in this film the emphasis is on Monryo's maid, Banja.

Servants are distinguished by disloyalty, betrayal and manipulation. Yeo-jeong Cho, known for the movie "Parasitic", plays the character Chunhyangjeon.

He looks brave and has to play intimate and naked scenes in this Korean adult film. His career also soared yesterday after being successful as a waiter until he finally played a role in the film "Parasitic".

6. The Concubine (released - 2012)

Actress Yeo-jeong Cho also returned to acting and became very enthusiastic in the film "The Concubine". This film is about Hwayoung who is forced to become a concubine of the royal family. She has a dangerous and complex relationship with a man named Kwon Yu and Prince Sung Won. She said she felt she was trying to play a different character in an adult film,

Yeo-jeong from the movie. He wants to try a challenging role and is interested in working with director Kim Dae-seung.

Yeo-jeong Cho co-starred with Kim Dong-wook and Kim Min-joon in The Concubine.

7. Chunhyang (released - 2000)

Chunhyang's film is a love story between nobles and commoners. Aristocratic Monryo meets an ordinary girl Chunhyangjeon and falls in love at first sight. 

Because of the difference caste, it is impossible to act freely. Both run away. But one day, Monryo had to return to the capital and left Chunhyangjeon to go to school.

When he returned home, he saw that his wife had been sentenced to death for refusing to marry an official there.

This Korean adult film is decorated with a series of erotic bed scenes. Monryo is played by veteran actor Cho Seung Woo.***


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